I am Looking forHML in Nsahville

My partner and I completed a seminar in single family home rehabbing and reselling. The information was very complete and we have been able to put together several very good proposals, find great contractors get our S corporation set up and many of the other aspects of getting started.
However we have found that finding a hard money lender here locally is the missing piece of the puzzle that sounded so easy is proving to be VERY difficult.

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The seminar provider glossed over some of the facts as you would not have paid for the course otherwise.

Have you considered financing your investment with a bank mortgage? With interest rates so low, it can make good sense to use conventional financing. As long as you have good credit and 20% down, you should not have too much trouble. Right now, conventional financing is available up to your 10th real estate purchase.

I wish I was in a position to qualify for a loan, the reason we took the course was that it was billed as a “no money out of pocket deal” I guess the only money out of pocket was what we paid to Armondo Montilongo… live and learn… I am trying to do some bird dogging for now after spending lots of time putting proposals together just to find out that hard money lenders will only lend about the amount of the property purchase price. which again for someone needing 100% is just not going to work out.