Hello I was wondering if any of you guys knew of any automated systems out there that you may have found to be productive to your real estate business. I figured that someone somewhere has a system that helps them make money.

What do you mean by an automated system…

I think most experienced investors will tell you to be wary of anyone trying to sell an “automated system”

You make the profit in a deal from ‘putting the pieces together’ and doing the work.

People aren’t going to do all the work for you and give you all the profit…

Your post isn’t clear, an automated system for what?

let me be more clear when I say automated I mean automated email list, automated answering services, automated websites automated lead generators and automated marketing systems do you know of anything like these?

GURU talk. Everything is automated and your money just rolls in without any effort on your part. And if you buy their two thousand dollar “system” they will be so nice to tell you how to do it.

I automate some things but for the most part there is a bunch of work involved to get people to the “automated” systems.

You have a “automated” seller squeeze page on your web site that they fill out telling you the specifics about the property they want to sell which weeds out the looser deals so you don’t spend your time talking to people who want to sell you their property for full market value and aren’t actually motivated sellers.

You could have a “automated” 24hr voice mail that people call and it tells them to go to your squeeze page if they have internet access or to leave a message otherwise.

You could have an “automated” way of getting people to call you by a weekly repost of ads on craigslist and have your paper “automatically” keep reposting your ad every week. Or you could have someone “automatically” keep putting your bandit signs out every week when the town throws them out.

You could “automate” your email to auto respond to people with some message the first time they email you.

You could pay a telephone answering service to “automatically” answer the phone for you and read a script to prospective sellers.

Some “automated” things are beneficial but for the most part you need to work your butt off, go out and find the deals. The Gurus like to make it sound like they have some kind of system put together where you will never have to work another day in your life. Just sit back and let the deals come to you via “automation”.

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