I am looking for fast stated hard money lending for Ga any suggestion

Investor with 680 plus credit score 10-20 percent verified assets need 80 percent ARV please let me know if you have any Suggestions on how i might find a reliable lender

There is a 80 ARV program available in GA but more info is needed—contact InvestmentLoans on this forum and he can assist you further in this state…


Scott Miller

Thanks Scott -


As Scott noted there may be a program that fits your 80% needs however more informations would be required. We can address them off the forum or here so that others can have an input, up to you.

Type of property?
Employment history?
Reason for wanting stated income?
Would the deposits on your bank statements validate the amount of income you’re stating.
If 80% is not available, would the seller be able to hold a small 10-15%?

These are just a couple to start with, I send over a PM too.

the property is single family attached units they are duplexes that have been converted we are setting it up as a independant living community the loan amount is 100,000 the ARV is 125,000

He is A Retired Builder/Investor

above is the reason for stated

The deposits in his accounts would show good income

seller will not be able to hold 10-15%

could possiblity do a 75% ARV if needed to but 80% would be ideal