I am looking for a HML or cash partner in Tampa area. Please Help / Advise

I am interested in obtaining financing for between $150k - $300k to buy investment homes in the Tampa Bay area. These investment properties will be between 60% - 70% LTV / ARV and will require very little work. I will then either sell them or lease them out to section 8 and take out a HELOC on them to pay off the investor loaning me the money to do these deals.

My mid score is between 600 and 650. I need an investor to fund these deals 100% including purchase price and repair costs. Please, only serious investors need reply as I want to get started right away. I AM LOOKING FOR A TRUE CASH PARTNER.

Any help or advise given would be greatly appreciated. I know how to find some good deals but I do not have the funds. I am new to real estate investing and have been studying it for a few months on my own but I am always open to good advise and coaching.