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Dude you crack me up :bobble

FYI, most all of these reports come from Realty Trac. :smile

Some interesting numbers. Not for value exactly, but they do tell a tell.

What is the foreclosure filings compared to, exactly? Each other? The total number of homeowners to foreclosure? Looks like just the total number of foreclosures, or foreclosure activity is more accurate, as it includes default notices and auction dates in total foreclosures, which really messes up the real numbers, though those default/auction numbers make it interesting.

For example, notice that Detroit has alot of auction/defaults but very low actual foreclosures. Totally opposite, Ohio has very few auction/defaults but a HIGH number of repos.

Also, these numbers don’t mean a lot until you compare them to the actual number of homeowners/borrowers. 1000 foreclosures sounds bad, but in an area of 500,000 owners, that’s about .02% or really nothing. Heck, I’d say that would be considered a LOW foreclosure rate. Now, a 1000 foreclosures in an area of say 10,000 owners, would be bad.