Hurricane Opportunity

I’m down here in S. Louisiana and as you know we just experienced a severe hurricane. I was wondering today what real estate investment opportunities might present themselves due to this unusual situation. Many homes were severely damaged and many people are without homes and need a place to live.

I would be interested in some ideas or suggestions from other investors as to how they would use this situation to advance their real estate business.

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Take this from experience. approach with care. I did a massive marketing blitz with direct mail after Frances and Jeanne back in 2004. I got more negative feedback than positive. If I had to do it, I would just network with more people. Insurance adjustors, realtors…etc

Ask yourself this.

3 years later, who’s rushing into New Orleans to buy homes that have been fixed-up after Katrina in the areas that were hard hit?

Then, ask you what bank or lender is eager to lend on those homes? What insurance company is eager to insure those homes? What home buyers are eager to risk moving into those areas where still in disrepair from Katrina? What small businesses are eager to get reestablished in these areas where the homeowner base is shaky at best? Besides the government, who’s pouring in money to rehabilitate the infrastructure to stimulate business and commerce that attracts jobs, which in turn attracts people to live there.

Finally, ask yourself if there are better ways to invest?



I appreciate your comments. How familiar are you with S. Louisiana? I’m actually in Baton Rouge and it is substantially different than New Orleans. We are growing and there are new businesses here many of them relocating from the New Orleans area. Also the neighboring parishes have some of the best schools in the state.

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Bob Burns

I’m from slidell,la and the area has come a long way since katrina. I’m just getting started in real estate myself. I want to assign,wholesale, and eventually rehab. I was skeptical about my area but got in contact with some realtors and was told the market is slow but houses are selling in a decent amount of time in certain neighborhoods.

What you guys need to do is build hurricane proof homes !! No i mean it. i was thinking about this last week after IKE rolled through.

theres a lot of hurricane proof home builders. do some research find a affordable hurricane proof home, talk with insurance people, realtors, people needing homes. see if theres a market for it and if you have the means to make a profit on it.

i seen an episode of i think it was build it bigger about a lady whos house was destroyed by katrina. they built a hurricane manufactured home for her. I really like the concept it was a huge factory building homes inside, basically a assembly line of houses. they glue everything to make them very strong. Look into it.