Huge Opportunity!

I have been working with a couple asset managers at a few banks. And just the other day this guy dropped 32 Properties in my lap all with Warranty Deeds in Kansas City Mo, for $7500 a door. I know that these are some great deals, however I do not know any investors in that area that can take advantage of these deals.

My question is does anyone know how I can locate investors in the Kansas City Mo area looking for cheap properties?

Also how do I take advantage of these deals going forward seeing as how this guy told me that he will be dropping these properties in my lap every single week for $.20-$.40 on the dollar all across the country?

Any help in with this would be appreciated.

I am fairly new to investing, but I would start calling landlords advertising in the paper for tenants. Ask them if they would mind if you sent them properties they might be interested in.

I am sure you would stumble on one that knows someone who rehabs. I am assuming they are major rehabs since they are so inexpensive. Are you purchasing these tapes or contracting them?

I would be willing to help you find buyers if you get properties in Savannah GA/ Hilton Head SC area.

It sound great…why don’t you go google and search for Real Estate Investment Club in your area…

My area is Cleveland, OH. The properties are located in Kansas City. I don’t know anything about that area.

KC has real estate investment club and they have a website - - I’d start there…I’ll bet they could find you some help.


I will email you direct.

Our company is a bulk REO buyer and we buy nationwide. If your list is good we will buy it. However, we would want to deal direct with the bank and sign an Non Circumvent Agreement with you to protect you in the deal. We would only make direct payments to the bank/lender who has the deed.

Currently we are buying 50 REO’s per month and look to ramp it up. We have a robust disposition platform whereby we sell these homes on 100% owner financing on a contract for deed agreement.