are there any NO MONEY DOWN DEALS are these all owned by Government.

I hate to say this you need to throw all the books you bought in the next river you pass because there are no such thing as no money down deals. Lets say you can find no money down deals I will take 100 today.

Well, close to no money down for owner occupants…not investors. I think you can get into one of those houses as an owner occupant for as little as $100. I haven’t used There is a website that has listings.


I just did a completely no money down deal last year, out of state owner deceased, heirs selling property, property in bad condition, asked owners (Heirs) to subordinate purchase price to new loan, placed Hard Money Lender in 1st position with funds for rehab, carrying cost's and overhead and closed completely with ZERO out of pocket cost and a check at closing!

I am pretty certain this is a “No Money Down” deal!


I’ve bought the majority of my investment properties with no money down and often received money back at closing like you said. Have you done that type of deal on a home listed by HUD? I have not. I thought investors had to put 10% down on those in most cases.


The question was "are there any NO MONEY DOWN DEALS are these all owned by Government"?

I read this as two real questions 1. are there any NO MONEY DOWN DEALS? 2. are these all owned by Government?

So my answer is effectively correct although I did not answer the 2nd question as we all know HUD homes are government owned!


Questions. Is the homes you are auction off already listed on MLS? Why don’t you list a phone number on your website? After you sign up do you provide the address of the home so everyone can do their due diligence? Can the $150 fee be paid by credit card so the bidder is protected? Can you show a LOA that you have the right to auction the home?

Sounds like Quibids for houses.

Just waiting for to respond so everyone can understand their process. want you to pay by credit card but their website is not secure. don’t you think people will take you serious if your website is secure before asking for personal info, like https?

Just like to understand. Lets say the home is MLS for $100K. How many $150 bids do you need to collect before someone win the bid?

Hi, justin0419 and Real Estate Seller,

My earlier replies were deleted by an admin because I had a link to our site (I didn’t realize that wasn’t OK here). I’ll re-post in summary mode here:

  • Our homes will often be on the MLS, but not always
  • Our phone number is located immediately below our logo to the upper-left of every page
  • The address of the home is shown on the auction detail page (click the image of the house or the Auction Details button to view)
  • The fee can be paid by credit card or PayPal

Justin, this shares features in common with Penny Auctions such as the Reset Mode on the clock, but we aren’t a penny auction. We are a seat auction, which we feel has numerous advantages for the bidder by comparison. You can read about these differences on the BidAbode website - just go to the site and look for the page “Is BidAbode a Penny Auction” in the menus.

Real Estate Seller,

Thank you for bringing the issue of the secure pages to our attention! Thanks to you we have been able to get the secure SSL functionality back in place on the site. We consider your privacy and the security of your information to be of the highest importance, and you were right not to run a charge before bringing this to our attention and allowing us to secure the payment pages.

-The BidAbode Support Team

Real Estate Seller,

Every auction will be different with respect to the number of seats, the cost per seat, the maximum number of bids allowed, and the price increment per bid. The house on auction is on the MLS at $125,000. We must sell 1000 seats at $150 before the clock counts to zero for this auction to go live. There is a ton of additional information available about how BidAbode works on our website.

-The BidAbode Support Team

1000 seats = $150,000. So the home is $125,000, so where does the $25,000 go. So I hope you do return the $150 you collected.

I guess I am missing something here. Why would you pay $150 fee to bid unless the $150 fee is return.

Hi, Real Estate Seller,

Our bidders are willing to pay this fee because it allows them the opportunity to bid to win an auction for a home for pennies on the dollar, and we guarantee 100% financing to the winning bidder – no money down, no credit check required. For example, I believe the house currently on auction on the site will sell for $5000 or less.

I am trying to understand. Please break it down so everyone will understand. Lets say the home is $150,000 and you said you need 1000 bidders to pay $150 each. Now you collect $150,000 and now that $150,000 go to the seller and now the question who is the lucky customer that won the bid? and explain how the lucky customer that won the bid is selected sense 1000 bidders put up $150.

Hi again Real Estate Seller,

If all the seats do not sell before the clock hits zero, everyone who bought a seat receives a refund. If all the seats sell, the auction goes live and the $150 is not refundable as defined in the terms on our site. Regarding the money brought in above the cost for BidAbode to acquire the home, we are a for-profit business, and we do hope to end up “in the black” after we subtract all of the costs associated with operating our business and bringing this unique auction to the world.

-The BidAbode Support Team

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I have done a little checking and it appears that Bidabode buys the property you are bidding on, probable for an average 65 cents on the dollar. So when there is a home offered worth say $125,000 dollars, they probable bought it or contracted for it for $80,000 dollars! Then if they collect bidder seat fee's of $150 dollars and say sell 1000 seats then they recieve $150,000 for a $80,000 dollar purchase on a home worth $125,000 dollars supposeable.

The problem I see the actual odds of winning an auction are 1 in 1000 so you would need to buy a bidder seat 1000 times to win one home! This makes it clearly much better to buy a home for $80k you own, rather than pay $150,000 for 1000 chances and still need to pay upwards of $5,000 plus dollars to purchase and pay off closing cost’s, or cost’s required for closing!

I just could never see this business model take off because literally it takes 1000 bids to win a home!

What do you want to bet the Bidabode guy will say “That’s not True”! Well you don’t need much more than an 8th grade education to understand odds of winning and understand there are literally 1000 individual men and women as buyers who all have the right to win, and for each of those 1000 to win they need to play 1000 times!