HUD vs. Fannie or Freddie?


Generally speaking…

Does anyone know if there is typically an owner-occupant conditional clause on Freddie or Fannie homes…as there often is with HUD homes?

In other words, are investors ruled out of Freddie and Fannies…just as with HUD’s?

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Investors are not ruled out of HUD homes…I own one as an investment property – you just can’t bid on them as an investor until the Owner-Occupied bidding period (9 days) is over.

I was going to make and offer on a Fannie Mae but I didn’t like the property enough to bother with it.

Bottomline - to my knowledge, investors can buy any of them but there may be a peroiod set aside for O/O…


Thanks Keith…

I knew there was that initial period…but didn’t know it was something like 9 days with the HUDs.

Guess I’ll pick up the phone and check on any restrictions for the Fannie or Freddies if there’s one I see that seems reasonable.

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It’s a bummer for investors here because all HUD and VA properties in the state are being held back to determine if they can be used as Hurricae Victim housing…this too shall pass at some point.


yes…I saw that…

like you said, another 3 to 6 months and that’ll clear out.


Yep in Georgia too. However, I did see that HUD is beginning to release some homes back to general purchasers. I think there are now a whole 16 for the entire state with a new twist: “Non-government auction in progress,” is listed on about half where normally it would indicate if the bid was open to all purchasers.