HUD Homes

I’ve been looking at some HUD home listings in a particular market…and there seem to be some pretty good deals available.

Do these go fast?

Was wondering if anyone has much experience with the purchasing of a HUD home and if there are any drawbacks to going this route.

I would think that these might be a good avenue for finding SFH’s that can produce good cash flow…based on the fact that you’re starting out with a healthy chunk below retail value…and you’re then targeting the starter type home that is most in line with what most renters want anyways…something with a reasonable rental rate.

Am I missing something here?

Thanks for the consideration.


just keep in mind that most HUD homes sold requires owner occupy not investors at first.


Thanks for the reply.

Yes…I saw that stipulation on their website.

In my case I am planning on relocating to a particular area…so I’d need an owner-occupied place to start with.

My next question would be…how long do you have to owner-occupy it…before you move on to another place and rent out the initial place.

Guess I’ll have to make some phone calls…


Any other comments would be greatly appreciated.