HUD home bargains!

I don’t know if you guys and gals know it but HUD is trying to shed some of their inventory at this time. I have sold some unreal deals in the past 4 months (over 80 properties in Texas). Thought you might want to know this as I have no idea how long this will last. Some of these properties are selling for 50-60% of their “as is” FHA appraised value! You must know their minimum bid’s as they vary on each property.

Thanks for the great site!

Ron Lilley

How do you know what the mininum is ? Norman

That is my question too, as I have always heard that if you offer less than 87% of asking on HUDS, they will automatically reject the offer. Could you expand on this please ? I have one in my neighborhood I have been looking at, but their asking is way off.

Thanks in Advance,
Heather Zaal