Does HUD1 has to be done at the title company?

No, you can do it yourself, but why? Title does all that work for free (in exchange for the title insurance they sell for the property). Plus, your HUD-1 should be as precise as possible and title has easier access to payoff demands, property tax amounts, etc.

Is there a specific reason that you don’t want to use title to produce the HUD-1?

This is my firs time, and I’m making a short sale package, HUD 1 is required, what if I never make it through the closing?

Thank you for your advice

Are you working with an Escrow company or closing attorney, (depending on your state). This is who needs to prepare the HUD for you.

I would suggest have your operation completely set up before you jump into the deep end on these short sales. You’ll set yourself up for failure. Been there done that. :banghead