Hello, can anyone tell me how I can get a hud-1 sheet. Or can anyone e-mail me one.


The HUD1, also known as the Settlement Statement, has a line for any expense that could possibly be related to real estate. I have always used to do my settlement statements. This site has always been free to use and it explains each line item so you know what goes where.

The only problem is that this site has been down for a couple of weeks. They had an “under construction” sign up until the last few days, now it shows their root directory. Judging by the dates and the files it looks as though they are reconstructing the site. I hope they will be back up soon, I’ll be needing them again for my next deal in a week or two.

Other than that:

This site provides an editable PDF:

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This is a paid site that offers a HUD 1 generator. You have to pay to use it though. If I remember correctly it was something like $25 per month. It doesn’t complete the HUD 1 as thoroughly as the and it doesn’t allow you to enter the required information as hudclips does. Also note: the owner of this site has been trying to sell it for a while.

Good Luck!

get in good with an escrow officer. That’s where I get all mine from. When I have a deal I have her work up a HUD-1 estimate for the subject property. still works. Just click on the hud.php file and it should take you to it.