I am a new member who has been lurking here for quite awhile and just getting back into Real Estate after a few years off. We have purchased a number of auction homes in the past and have found hubzu which seems to be selling Ocwen properties.

Has anyone had success with their auctions?

Welcome to the REI Club!

I think that HUBZU is the current name for several other sites that have struggled. I believe that they were formerly known as

One of my contacts has a friend who worked on purchasing a property with HUBZU in NE Ohio. He had nothing but trouble with them. In fact he posted a complaint on RipOff Report.

However, i have talked with other investors at meetings and roundtable sessions and the feelings are mixed.

They are no different than any other Online auction site or Real Estate Company, for all that matters. They are trying to sell a product. You, as the buyer, must make sure that you do your homework. Visit the properties, talk to neighbors, etc.

If you are looking for an easy way to invest in real estate, you need to look for somewhere else to spend your money. The days of quick and easy money for all, in real estate, are long gone. This is why most gurus sell programs, residual income to make up for the declining markets.

As with any investment there is a risk. Do your due diligence and Good Luck! :beer