HSBC says our 2nd is charged off - account cannot be found?

We have a 1st with Countrywide original $116k before late fees, and a 2nd with HSBC for $28k.
“Had” 3 offers back in February for $125-$127k. CW took so long to act, that all 3 offers expired and re-expired after got them to extend. It wasn’t until all offers had expired and walked tha they had an appraisal done! CW turned down the (then expired offers) saying they were too low, but would not give a figure to work with.
Now that market has dropped - we have it priced at $125k, hoping for an offer of $110k or better.
When our new realtor called HSBC to see where we stand, they said they charged off the loan on 3/4/08. Told her to call thier VA Beach real estate department. The VA Beach office has NO record of our account and say they can’t do anything - tried looking under both our soc. sec. #s.
Since we had a Chapt 7 BK discharged in 12/07 (house was not discharged, we WERE going to re-assume) does anyone think it is possible that they actually wrote off the debt, and all we have to worry about is CW now? Has anyone heard of this happening?
Our income shows we cannot afford the payments, and we are insolvent. They “charged off” the 2nd before the SS offers had expired, this also puzzles me - wouldn’t they try to get $1k at least???
I don’t know how to “find” a lost 2nd mortgage and wonder how this will effect our next offer?
Thank you in advance for any advice or past experiences you may share.

Hi: I would go to the court house and look up your mortgage and see if any paperwork was done to abolish the lien. If it is still posted on the books get all the information you can and pester HSBC, someone is too lazy to do the work. My opinion!