HSBC Deficiency on a 2nd...

Has anyone had HSBC NOT try to seek a deficiency on a 2nd?
What did you ask and what did they do?

The balance for the 2nd is about $40k and the closer in Loss Mitigation said they would release the lien for $2.5k but they will seek a deficiency.

Anyone’s response who has had experience with HSBC would be greatly appreciated… :beer

is the 2nd Mtg a purchase money 2nd??? (meaning was the 2nd created to purchase the home) if so depending on your state normally banks do not have rights on purchase money 2nds. (note on your primary residence)

if the 2nd was take out after the purchase or was refi then they do have a right. (still depending on your state.) ck with a BK atty for additional solutions…