HP-12C financial calculator

How many of you guys use the HP-12C when calculating a deal? I just picked myself up a Platinum edition, and even though it’s based on 25-year old technology, it’s great!

I have an old HP-10BII that I use…that reminds me - it needs a new battery!


The HP12C is a classic design business calculator and I’ve been using one since 1985. If you learn to use the financial keys to calculate cash flow or present value or the payment on a specific loan you will find it an invaluable tool. I often use it to double-check the numbers calculated by my excel models.

The HP12c is a great calculator, but you have to have a handle on the financial principals to exploit it. Learning the time value of money was fun.

I’ve been using a 17BII for about six years and it’s the best calculator I’ve ever used - it has all the features of the 12c, but doesn’t use the Reverse Polish Notation.

Unfortunately, HP discontinued it a few years ago so you can only buy it second hand now. I bought a backup on Ebay just in case I lose mine and it becomes hard to find.

I have a TI-82 graphing calculator I bought in college in the mid-90’s that I still use. It allows you to write/run small programs, which I have created many for my needs - including all the normal stuff REI’s will experience in day-2-day operations.