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I am looking for Real Estate books that basically explain how individuals use debt( 2nd lines of credit, cash-out refinaces, etc…) to purchase other properties.

I have read many real estate books and feel that I have a great understanding in the areas of (general real estate concepts, financing, and property valuation ).

Even though i have read all these books I still feel that i am lacking understanding in practical application to acquire other properties via the above mentioned ways to borrow money. Is anyone aware of literature that outlines deals from start to finish or does case studies on how property was purchased using any of the above methods?

If you have a team assmebled. They should advise you on the best approach. " The Millionare REal Estate Investor" by Gary Keller is a good book. It has specific models to follow as well as how to assemble your “dream team”. If you posted more info on your current situation, there are a lot of people on here that have wonderful sound advice. Good Luck. :biggrin


Yes, what are you looking to accomplish and what are you working with?

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