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I’m new here and to the real estate game. I usually don’t ask many questions on other forums, but I don’t see a search button to help me in my studying endeavors. I’m 25 and live in a place with very low rent, I have enough money for a down payment and will eventually get pre-approved for a loan. I live on Long Island so the 90-120,000 I’m looking to spend won’t do much for me here. Any suggestions? Out of state condo? I’m looking for something I can rent out while I live in Long island. Sorry for my ignorance as I am a new but eager student of the real estate game.

P.S. I also have a brother who is very good at fixin up houses. Kitchens, bathrooms, molding etc…

Is it worth for you to invest 50 , 100 miles away from your location? I believe there are some places, not too far away from NYC, where you can get Rent to Value ratio > 1%. I’m starting up right now as well, and i’ll have to look for deals that are placed outside of Seattle, because RTV ratios in Seattle are less than .5%

The search buttong is in the top banner…

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Thanks to you both, much appreciated.