How you find out about Hospital liens

My understanding that FDIC liens & Hospital liens survive tax deed sale
(along with mechanics lien & Federal liens) - in TX.

The question, how do you investigate FDIC & hospital liens. Would these be recorded in the county as liens against the property?? If not, how would you go about investigating these two types of lien??

Are you liable for these if they were not filed before the auction??

Any ideas??

yes, research the OPR for the County, it will be listed there. These records should have online access. I know we have them in Fortbend county.

Howdy James:

The judgements are filed in the county where the person lives and can actually be filed in other counties too if that debtor is known to have real property in other counties as well. You would search the deed records using that persons name.

To be safe you may want to hire a title company to do the search or learn the proper search methods from a county clerk or title company subcontractor working at the courthouse.