How would you start with one million?

I recently partnered with someone who is retiring on multiple millions per year.

He gave me full permission to seek out investments for him.

How would YOU start with one million? (or more?)

At this point, I think that home building is best, although I would also look for an apartment complex that I could convert into condominiums.

If I put all the cash into a property to rent out, it would take too long to get it back, even if it’s just a down payment.


I would not start doing a condo conversion right out of the gate as condo mapping, making planning and zoning applications and working for entitlements is a long term project and not accomplished over night. Home building is only good if you know what your doing and can assess the viability of the project. 

A value added proposition might be a apartment building remodel where you rehab and refinance when finished.