How Would You Market This Property?

The owner of a house, friend of mine, asked for some assistance in marketing the sale of his house.
It’s located in a rather desirable and high end area of Miami. He’s asking $1.2M, but is reasonable and well aware of the local real estate market. He just wants to be done with it and get his cash out.
A successful effort by me will be worth something to him. Needless to say, I want to find a buyer. How would you go about marketing a house in this price range, in this real estate market?
Thanks for any suggestions.

AJ290 - whatever you do make sure you don’t act like a real estate agent without a license. In my state, to sell real estate you need to own it or have a license, or be an attorney administering a estate, or be appointed by the court, etc… Florida may have similar rules.

I hope this helps.

My recommendation is to find out and contact the buyers agents for anyone who has purchased in that area and price range. If they are good, they will have a buyers list for that type of property. You will have to negotiate some kind of commission for them. You can always List it as for sale by owner too. I am not an agent by the way. Buyers in that price range don’t scour Craigslist or the newspaper looking for a diamond in the rough. They hire an agent to do it for them. Just my advice.

Aside from the advice given by the people above me, I know that people have had some pretty good success with You also might want to consider, which is a free classifieds service run by ebay. Not sure how well that one does, but it is definitely growing in popularity (nothing like craigslist though…).