How would you fix these "exit wounds"?

I looked at a house earlier in the week that turned out to be a HUD foreclosure.
I guess the owners were a little resentful at being evicted so
they did a lot of damage while moving out.
Almost looks like they rammed their asses into the wall - all over the house. >:(
So almost every wall requires repair, but not a total panel replacement.
How would some of you more experienced rehabbers fix something like this?
I’m thinking I would cut out the damaged area,
toenail in 2x4s between the studs above and below the damage,
then screw in patch panels.
Here are photos I took during my inspection so you can see what I’m talking about.
Any suggestions?


Hello Vermifuge,
Framing out the larger hole, the one with the series of four holes is a good idea. I’d turn the 2x lumber flat though, gives you some working room within the wall, providing a place to put your fingers while toenailing. You are less likely to drop the board into the wall, and will give you a larger screw or nail surface to adhere both existing wall and patch to each other. The smaller holes I’d cut out square or rectangular and screw scrap lumber around the sides, exposing enough to screw the patch to. Just make sure to use the same width drywall. I’d put money on the drywall beign 1/2’', unless there is a garage on the other side. The more time you spend framing the less you’ll spend finishing. Get your boards nicely lined up and your patch might not even be noticable. When you paint, consider using a thick nap to give some texture. Making a smooth spot stick out less.

Good luck with your repairs, the house looks like it will clean up nicely.
Oh! don’t screw or nail into plumbing or electrical!!

If there is such intensive damage you might want to consider getting a handy man also. How is your construction skills? You might wind up spending more time and money trying to fix these kinds of problems later on. The challenging part is when you have to paint your walls and its going to look like a toddler fixed a jigsaw puzzle on the wall!