How would Karl "the mail man" Malone deliver?

Admittedly, pretty dull direct mail comment/question, but here it is.

My direct mail has been printed on normal 20 lb copy paper for the past 8 months. I have not done a good job on tracking response rates, but imagine its somewhere in the 3-5% range.

Wondering if anyones had better results with heavier paper? I am mailing out 100-200 110lb beige cardstock today. I think it looks a lot classier. Ill let you know the results, if anyone is interested.


I definitely am interested in the response!

Im assuming you are mailing letters in envelopes, correct?

Good luck on the response rate!

Who are you mailing to? That makes a huge difference in your response. When I used to do mailing I would send postcards to landlords (20% response) and expired listings (10% response).

The weight of the cardstock didn’t make any difference but switching from plain white letters to bright yellow postcards tripled–almost quadrupled–my response.

Yup, sent out in envelopes, jen

I send mail to folks in Tucson that are in foreclosure with loan initiated 2004 or earlier (better chance of equity)

I think sending to expireds and landlords might be another good market segment. What have your results been with expireds and landlords? How did they respond? A lot of your deals come from these?

Yeah, I would be surprised to see if a heavier cardstock would have that much of an impact on response rates. I have used postcards in the past and have had pretty good conversions with them.

Nonetheless, I am interested to see how that works for you. As they say, the smallest changes can have the biggest impacts :smile.

Gregg, lots of calls–not many deals. I do far better by just picking up the phone and asking them a few questions. But there are many, especially expireds, that i can’t get numbers for, so I might start mailing those ones again. If I do I’ll change my message.

Old Message: We Buy Houses

New Message: I wanna rent your house!

Hi Doug…Happy Thanksgiving!! You say your response increased by switching to yellow post cards. I’ve seen the neon yellow post cards and they really stand out!! Where do you get your cards? Do you have your post cards pre-printed or do you use usps? Are the neon yellow cards available on usps?

Sadly, I haven’t found a service like USPS is offering, here in Canada. So I print them myself on cardstock from Staples.