How & Where to Obtain Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

7 Steps to Build Your Business Credit

  1. Form a business
    Limited Liability Company, S-Corporation, Corporation
  2. Obtain Federal Tax ID #
  3. Open separate business checking account
    Most banks give 1-2 years free (no min. balance)
  4. Obtain a DUNS #
  5. Establish your first 3-5 trade lines of credit that will show on your DNB business profile utilizing your DUNS #
    Uline, Quill, etc
  6. Pay the trade lines of credit ON TIME!
    After the first 3-5 companies report to DNB that you pay on time, you are on your way to obtain a PAYDEX score of 80
    Most of my students achieve an 80 PAYDEX score in 3-4 months
  7. Attract companies that will offer you your first Unsecured Business Line of Credit
    Most students obtain$25,000 in first 3-6 months of my program
    Secured to the business with no income verification!!
    Usually in the form of a Business Credit Card, Cash % rate same as APR

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