How & where to find below market value homes for sale

I have no idea where to find these below market value homes for sale in california. Are hard money loans only for those who already found a property to buy? Pls give info…Thanks

i was up until like 4am scouring through google - looking for foreclosure sites - they’re a dime a MILLION…

anyhow - one that listed a few and has some in different parts of country is .

another is

One of my favorite sites for finding foreclosure properties for sale is, their database is huge. Even allows you to filter your search results so you are only looking at foreclosures. Do a google for “reo listing” or something of that nature. The info is out there, and its very free.

thank you for the information. i’ll check out the sites.

great! i am also looking for trusted sites as well. thank you for sharing your inputs