How useful is an appraisal on wholesale flip?

How much does it help to spend $300 to get an appraisal on a house you want to wholesale, to give the buyer a basis to pay a decent amount below the appraisal?

The only purpose I see for an appraisal is to get a loan, e.g., hard money, to buy the property.

Otherwise, save the $300 and get comps from a Realtor.

Also, if you can’t get a Realtor to do it, the online sites are getting better to at least get close to an estimate.

Any buyer that your wholesaling to will most likely be doing their own comps and not depend on an appraisal.

Save the $300

If you find a foolish person to sell to an appaisal can be a huge value, but most experienced investors know that there is typically a huge gap between appraisal and actual market value

Eric Medemar

A buyer who accepts an appraisal as a basis for an offer is not really an experienced buyer. Truly a waste of your money. Either you know your market or you don’t. If you are going to count on an appraisel …get back to work studying your market. If you are wholesaling you won’t need to convince some one of the value. The people/investors who watch the market will Jump at your wholesale price.