How to!

Does anyone have any good advice on how to get a owner to respond to your request?

My family and I would like to purchase this 51acre property from the owner. We spoke with a neighbor about who owned it and he proceeded to tell us and that he wanted to buy it also however, she was asking some outragious amt. Of course we thought he was probally just saying that because he wants it. I mailed her a letter I have not gotten a responce as of yet. Anyone have any creative ideas if she does want some outragious amt.


Not knowing all the particulars, the first thing that comes to mind would be to go online and lookup the owner’s phone number (if it isn’t listed on the county tax records). Then simply place a call to the owner and state that you had heard that they were interested in selling the 51 acre tract they own.

Again, not being familiar with all the particulars, I would tend to agree with you about the neighbor. However, what may be outragious to him, may be what you consider the deal of a lifetime? This would probably hold true if the neighbor has lived (or owned) their property for a long time.

Example: if the neighbor bought his for $1,000/Ac. and FMV is now $10,000/Ac. (I.E. what the owner of the 51 acres is hypothetically (sp?) asking) this neighbor may view it as outragious eventhough it is priced at FMV. This view though, will only last until he decides to sell his property and it is then he can justify every thing under the sun as to why it is worth at least $12,000/Ac! But, don’t we all!

Just remain in constant reminder that throughout the entire cycle of real estate owership there is only one time that you are in control. That is when you are purchasing the property! At any other time you are subject to market conditions, others, etc… However, it is at the acquisition that you are in control. Thus, you make your money when you buy, not when you sell. Anyway, it has worked for me and I hope it does for you as well! Best of luck and let us know the outcome.