How to write this offer?

I have a motivated seller who has several properties.

We’ve negotiated a few months back and couldn’t agree on price.

This time around after following up the seller threw in 2 buildable lots as an “added bonus”.

How do I write this up?

Do I write it up as the initial property and the 2 additional lots in the same contract? or split them up across 3 separate contracts? 1 for the initial property and 1 for each additional buildable lot?

I would like to assign this to a cash buyer.

You want separate purchase agreements for the properties you want to assign.

Otherwise, it makes no difference.

To better keep track, I would write up a separate agreement for each property I was buying. This way, if there was ‘something’ about one property I needed to renegotiate, I could write in those changes without effecting the rest of the deal(s).

Congratulations on your persistence with this deal.