How To Utilize Facebook Effectively

1.Business is not pleasure
In order to promote your brand, you must create a business page on Facebook. Setting up your profile on a personal page allows the public to access you as a ‘friend’ but not in a formal capacity.

2.Have target audience
For example if you have a business in fashion industry that targets young women then let your page target young women.

If you are unaware of who would be the most effective target audience, Facebook gives business pages the ability to access and measure the demographics of individuals viewing your page, talking about you and ‘liking’ your releases. This information can be used to drive a campaign to the correct audience.

3.Promote your posts.
It is extremely cost effective with just $5 securing your brand hundreds more views, and it is also incredibly easy to set up and have running.

Lastly, an extremely handy third party application which can help to drive traffic to your brand through Facebook, is Wildfire.

With Wildfire, you have the functionality to run contests and campaigns for a 30 day period for little more than $100, which is an extremely cost effective method of spreading your brand to targeted audiences.

The one issue with Facebook that I believe they are trying to fix are fake accounts liking a page. My company ran a very targeted ad (only to 15 commercial real estate groups) and we ended up with many fake followers who have accounts that just follow pages. As a result we ended the campaign and have not run an ad since that one.

I have read that Facebook is deleting fake users from pages but I have not seen it on our page.

The best way to snag facebook traffic. (best way meaning with less work on your end-grabbing a higher yield) is purchasing facebook click traffic. I have many clients who do this and once you put a little bit into your zipcode targetting without breaking the bank, you can quantify additional money spent that direction if it working for your area.

The reason Facebook ads are best is that you can quantify your spend without expecting or hoping too much in something you have not yet tested. If it works then its easy to put $100 or more into it as each new level you spend produces a higher yield.

Promoted posts also are great as the above poster mentioned however the longer term investment goals can be a higher yield with the PPC ad program.

Create a group and create few contests and Create some campaign on facebook,

About fake users like, I have many examples of them being retrieved after a short period since it doesn’t look natural at all. Beware with these kind of services you may find on fiverr for instance, some of them may be counter-productive for your website.

Yes you are right, target audience which is related to your industry. Share unique, interesting content. Join various types of groups, communities which is related to your topic.

Actually the best way on Facebook is to post several great pictures and to ask for something. Like 2 bedrooms very different and which one they prefer etc… Interaction on Facebook is the base.

And, i forget, don’t use fake followers. It’s easy to detect and your brand reputation will decrease.
Anyway, sometimes some fakefollowers will post some advertising on your page… I think is not really that you need.

You can also share some images, video on facebook page.

Recently, I’ve been receiving spam mails selling me Facebook likes. Been ignoring them since I’m just simply not interested in shelling out money just to brag that people are liking my facebook pages (and I don’t even have facebook pages). I prefer measuring my success using Google Analytics rather than those superficial like.

I also have inkling suspicion that these are fake accounts that likes several other pages that paid the spammers. Seems like that’s the truth it turns out.

For any marketing strategy, be it facebook or elsewhere. The only advice that I can share is DO NOT ACT LIKE DESPERATE. Do not spam your contacts and do not allow yourself to be fooled by those posing as SEO or marketing experts with promises that seems too good to be true.

Thanks to your article, i’ve ever heard about Wildfire. I will try to research about this tool. It sounds interesting.

I think Facebook is not a GOOD CHOICE for real estate because people often search for it through search engines. So SEM is a PERFECT CHOICE. SEM means Search Engine Marketing.

I usually do SEO and PPC for my real estate websites and i’m successful :slight_smile:

It’s my opinion! What about you?