HOW TO Use the Networking Forum

Want to team up with people in your area? Looking for some boots-on-the-ground in a remote market?

Find your State, introduce yourself, share what you’re doing and who you’d like to connect with. If you’re looking to collaborate with people, SEARCH inside the state BEFORE posting what you’re looking for. (We’re glad you’re here and posting, but a quick search goes a long way too!)


  1. DO NOT POST JUST A LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE OR YOUR EMAIL AS IT WILL BE REMOVED (contact info in default signature area is fine).

  2. The purpose of this forum is to allow investors and real estate experts to network with each other. The forum is NOT a place to simply post ads for your services, although listing your services is obviously a part of networking.

  3. Please use common sense when posting your personal information and do not post information you do not want forever on the internet. We HIGHLY recommend you use the forum private message system to communicate.

  4. Please do not send complete strangers on the internet your hard-earned money simply because they promise they can get you a loan or do something for you. Do your due diligence on EVERYONE you meet.