How To Use The Internet to Sell Your Home

Now, more than ever, people are finding success selling their homes online. But with the online marketplace being so hot, you are likely to face some stiff competition! We have put together our favorite tips to help you stand out and sell your home fast!

Go Where The Buyers Are:
There are many online listing portals to choose from. Look up some listings in your area. What sites show up first in the search results? Many times, the tops sites are Zillow and Trulia. Love them or hate them, they have a great grasp on generating real estate traffic. When you list something on the MLS, it is likely to be picked up by these major sites. Whether or not you are advertising with them, you’ll want to make sure your properties are showcased well.

There are services that will syndicate your listing to many top sites, so you only need to enter your information once. However, make sure to check your listing on all sites in which it was syndicated. Automation can sometimes lead to the data being jumbled.

Consider Premium Listings:
When you do a property search on any major website, you will likely see certain properties at the top time and time again. They paid to get that top spot. Just as the Agents you see over and over again paid to put their name first. If you want to give your property instant traction, it can be worth the extra cost to put your listing at the top.

Create a Property Specific Website:
A unique and interesting way to sell your home using the internet would be to create a property specific website. A basic website and domain won’t cost you much to get started. With a little SEO, content, and imagery, you can quickly build a site to rival the big advertisers when it comes to showcasing your house!

Use Amazing Photos:
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and they are absolutely right. Make sure the words used to describe your house are “Stunning, spacious and immaculate!” not “Dated, cramped and dingy!” When buyers see a photo of your home, it tells them whether or not they want to pursue it further. For many buyers, it is not easy to picture themselves in the home if they are seeing your personal belongings. Get a head start on packing by putting your knick-knacks and decorative items away. Get rid of all the clutter, then hire a professional photographer to take photos of your home. Look through a few listings. Notice who paid for a professional job, and who took cell phone photos from the street.

Use an Accurate Description of the Property:
Be as detailed and as accurate about the property as possible. Disclose any defects but also make sure not to overlook the details that may be a selling point for a certain buyer. If you have recently re-done the roof, mention it. If there is a large and bright kitchen, you should mention it.

Watch Your Words:
When people are house hunting, the listings can all begin sounding alike and running together. A lack of adjectives will cause every property to be “beautiful” and “cozy.” Don’t blend in with the crowd! Use colorful language to make your listing stand out from the rest. Don’t just gloss over the ad, using generic words to describe your property.

Use Data To:
Acquiring, understanding and using data will almost guarantee you a quick sale. Using data, you will be able to:

Run comps of recently sold properties in the area.
Locate and contact the best agents in town. Online reviews will ensure you find the agent that is best for you!
Study market trends for real estate in your area. Ask questions such as: when is the best time of year to sell my Atlanta house? What are the current buyer demographics?

Great stuff!

Thanks for the tips and taking the time to share them with the forum.

Solid advice, When I started using a good photographer for my listings I notice a lot more activity.

I must agree with this. A good presentation of the property makes it standout from the rest but of course it must be justified in personal.

That’s very true. Very disappointing when the image is making the real object seem totally different. There is a difference between showing it from a preferable angle in nice lighting than making it look like something else. It will only create doubtfulness.

This is very informative. Thanks for the advice. It is very clear that we need to step up our game in order to be successful in real estate.

Selling your house is itself a tiring task on the grounds that there are numerous issues which one have to bargain up with while offering a house like not getting the reasonable costs for the house. My companion was additionally stressed over offering her home as she couldn’t scan for an appropriate purchaser for her home.
Some of the real estate websites. They are doing their best to encourage their clients.

Good info but creating a site to sell your house seems like an overkill. Why reinvent the wheel when you can list on Zillow/Trulia or redfin.

Thanks for taking the time to share these tips!

As I am into Real estate I will be looking to sell my newely constructed houses and I was looking for an effective online methods of selling them , some of them are into mind but your tips made me add more into it thanks for sharing these tips this will help me in making my way smooth and better.

I think you should consider using Google Adwords targeted to a local demographic, you might get some good results with that. Also try to reach out to local influencers in your community, let me know how it goes tho.

Be sure and have your homes staged and professional pictures taken.
Easy to do but most agents wont spend the money.

wow!! very informative, my sister works as real estate agent and has a lot of trouble selling houses, i always advice her to go digital but we have never known how to go about it. Am so sure this will come in handy

It’s pretty simple, use classifieds advertisement websites and list your home. Get contacted by some potential buyers. :beer