How to trace abandoned house with no address????

I found this house in my area that appears to be empty but was never up for sale as far as I know. A few months ago I know people were living there because there was always a Subaru in the driveway. Whether they were renters or owners I don’t know. Now it looks empty. Its a small 2 story home with front porch and is in decent shape but old and would need some level of rehab. Excellent piece of property and a detached 2 car garage to boot. Problem is I cannot find information on it anywhere. The street address does not come up at all in all the searches I did online including Mapquest and thus I cannot begin to trace it to its owners. There are no other homes nearby so there aren’t any neighbors. Whats the best way to trace a property with no clear address. I really want to pursue this. Where should I start looking for this information?

Start with the tax office. They can at least tell you where the tax bills are going. You may be able to do this on line. Google “XXXXX City/County Tax Assessor” (use the name and city or county as appropriate – unless you live in the timewarp of Louisiana, then use “parish” – LOL!), you might get the info on-line. We can here in Bossier Parish.


Our county clerks office is online and I can search land records but all searches have to be done by persons name or business name or file number and I don’t know owners name and I wouldn’t know the file number. It does not allow searches by address and even if it did likely the address I think it is isn’t valid. Not sure what other way to do it. Maybe I can go down the county clerks office. Maybe they have the ability to search by address at the office. Anyone know any other way to find this info?

Go to the Clerk’s Office and ask for the information (it is a matter of “public record”). While you’re there, ask the office folks if there is a way to search on-line by address. Our parish records can be searched by addrss or by tax record #. It is VERY easy to use!

Hope this works/helps.


Oh I’m not worried about them denying me access to the information. Its whether they have the ability to search by address. Online I can search court records, land records, maps and Dissolution of Marriage records but all can only be searched by first and last name. I use this database all the time researching peoples mortgages on properties I find but I always have the persons full name so its easy. As I said I guess I’ll try going to the office to see if there is another solution.

They gotta be able to search by address! Why create a database that yoiu can’t search by ANY field?

Where are you located?