How to take the plunge?

I work a 9-5 and really want to take the Plunge. I live in west San Fernando Valley, CA, and I need to find a way to take the plunge. I have a valid Real Estate License, but I have a full-time job to support the family. I’m looking for the safest way to take the plunge and get into real estate, ANYTHING to be in real estate and learn, even if it’s Construction. Any advice on how to learn or find people to work with?

The big key to success in anything is building your network. Hopefully you have some local real estate investor groups you can join and become apart of. Build relationships, find mentors and don’t let fear run your life.


To get started you don’t have to buy the world, just one little duplex. Let the dust settle, and if you and your family like being investors, then look at buying your next one. Start with a really good deal, take your time and find a great duplex, buy it and see where it takes you.

If you hate it then your a Realtor, so sell it. If not then use it and the many others you will own to change your family’s lives.

You say you are looking for “the safest way to take the plunge and get into real estate. . .” Well, that would be lease options, in my opinion. Get a book or course on the subject, do a few deals, and build from there. Once you have a thorough understanding of lease options, it’s time to expand into other areas that interest you. A step at a time, my friend, a step at a time. Don’t make this more difficult than it needs to be.

I say first you need to decide what you want to do in real estate. That will dictate your first move. Like they say, if you don’t have a plan then any path is ok.

What I suggest is picture yourself 5 years from now. What are you doing (building subdivisions, managing tenants) where are you sitting (on the beach, in a construction trailer) what projects are you doing (working on your golf game, buying and fixing up single family houses). Then take the first steps that lead to that goal.

I simply say MASSIVE ACTION, CLARITY, and oh yeah, did I mention MASSIVE ACTION??

I agree with reiauctions. You need to create an inner circle, mentors,partners, bird dogs people you can trust. Its all about relationships someimtes its who you know and not what you know to get a deal done. Others will have ideas that you dont. THe easiest way to get into it would be wholesaling/assigning contracts but the deals need to be good.