How to Start a Real Estate Marketing Business

I want to start up a real estate business in a big quantity, but how to start it i don’t know please tell me

You should save enough cash to cover your start up expenditures, that include purchasing or renting space, office equipment, website design, etc.
You should identify the market you are in, and stick to it. Then, you elaborate a business plan.
This is where you carefully analyse business model, company costs and the other fine aspects of running a real estate business.
Establish a professional-looking website, and use a service which lets you show all the listings in the multiple listing service in addition to your personal one.
Possibly the most high-priced part of setting up a property service is the office. You should put money into an excellent place so as to maximise your exposure.
The next largest expenditure is marketing. You’ll have to advertise properties in the local property pages or online. Added marketing costs are related to printing, telephone, mailing…
Finally, you need to hire staff that is competent and you can start the field work.

1st of all define your goals. It help clarify what you want, how to make it happen and where you see your business in future. You have to find targeted market. Segmenting markets to better understand how their clients and customers behave.

Stevefiction you are right. Money is an important factor for real estate business. Also study real estate market properly.

And also contacts of builders and negotiation skills are necessary in this field. Effective Internet Marketing strategies would help you to get good business.
All the best

Can anyone tell me about renting the property in Florida? Because I want to buy a property there and want rent it or sale it for business purpose. Please help if you can… Thanks