How to select Property Management Company (Houston)?

Dear Landlords from Houston,

PLEASE advice on how to select Property Management Company? Properties located in North / North -East Houston.
Out of state investor is looking for HELP!!!


You should have set this up before you invested. Now you need to take a trip to Houston and meet with several property management company’s that may suit your needs. Referrals are great but it is your money that you are investing and what works for someone else may not work for you. Get a list of several company’s ,interview them and one of them will stand out. Good luck

That is a good question, i wish some guru would give us good advice. I am new to REI, but this is what i basically do:

Ask how long have they been in business in that area
Where and how exactly they advertise, i ask for tons of examples from their other customers
Contract is obviously important, what exactly they are gonna do and how much they’ll charge
They need to be motivated to do qood work for you, however the deal is structured, if you are not gonna be making money they should not be making any money and the other way around.
I like to know mechanics of their business, who exactly does what, how and when.

Fire away your questions at them, you are their customer.


Check your private messages. I am in Houston and several of my clients are property management companies.