How to select an REI CLUB to join...

I am following up on some great advice provided in this forum. One mentioned joining a local REI Club. Fortunately, there are a few available I can join since they are not a great distance from where I live or work.

My basic assumption is that not all REI Clubs are equal. What is the best method to assess a REI Club? Or one that would work for me?

Greatly appreciate any advice you could provide…

Go to a meeting. Most will allow you to go to a meeting for free or for a nominal fee.

Go to a meeting.

I agree. Take a test drive and see where you feel the most comfortable.

If they’re doing a lot of pitching products, you may want to steer clear or just go to meet people. We have one in town that is for serious investors who have deals to pitch, which has been great. The other one is the most popular, but it’s a sales job every time on Richard Pamplin or some other “system”.

I go to meet people who are serious and ignore the rest.

I agree w/ Deeinaustin. Also, it seems the popular advice for new investors is to join a REI club. As a result, most clubs (not all) are filled with people that haven’t, and probably never will buy a property. I would look for real investors in your area and ask for thier help/advice. They’re easy to spot if you know what to look for and I doubt they are hanging around the local REI club. Best of luck.