how to search for possible fix-flip properties-CO

I am in the apartment rental business and am considering looking for some fixer uppers to either buy and rent or flip. I am trying to move to the west denver area and would like to know:

-where to search for potential properties (ie., get a local RE broker, etc)?

-also does anyone have suggestions for specific area’s of west denver please advise.


Start reading these posts, theres TONS of them about how to find deals. NO- don’t go hire a RE broker, the best deals usally ARENT found on MLS. if you’re already in the “apartment rental” business (whatever that means) don’t you already have a lot of contacts in the REI realm that can steer you in the right direction?

Drive your target neighborhoods. There are TONS of houses for sale nation wide that aren’t on the MLS. Have you looked at the MLS for West Denver? There might be some fixers on there. I can get cash flowing deals straight off the MLS where I am, so don’t completely write that off…

You can also check out local wholesalers and see what properties they have available.