How to Rent properties to several goverment agencies that need homes in NY.

I have heard of several goverment or quasi goverment agencies that need homes for there programs, like emergency housing, half way houses battered shelters, etc. I am not interested in section 8 housing!
How do you contact these agencies to do business with them?
I have been buying foreclosures rehabbing and selling for years, I feel current market conditions make it better to buy fix and hold,and I would be more comfortable dealing with goverment rental guarantees.
But i am finding it impossible to reach these agencies and people who make the decision as to wether my properties are acceptable. I can buy as many as 100 homes across long Island,queens and brooklyn, NY. I just want to make sure I have a contract to rent all the homes out before committing to the purchase rehab of such a big project.
I appreciate any help I can get!
Thanks in advance!

Thanks for asking this question. I have a few suggestions for you on how to find this information and some of them you may have already tried.

I will also point out that calling someplace once and not finding the answer does not mean that someone there doesn’t know. Talking to one person in an office and talking to another in the same office can have significantly different results because one time you may be talking to someone that has limited experience and the next time you may talk to the extremely knowledgeably veteran of the office that is just about to retire… very different experiences!

Also, if you’re not the type of person that likes to do this, you can outsource this to someone on ODesk for a nominal fee. There are people that like to do this type of research.

  1. Try calling your local HUD office or the program offices:

  1. Your local library has a business librarian that has been trained with many years in college on how to research and ferret out information. They are there to as a valuable service to the community and can help you find information from a variety of sources. For all we know, there is a book on his/her reference shelf that has all of them and a ton of information about them. Who knows, it may even be in Lesko’s guide (the late night TV infomercial guys book of all free money from the government).

  2. If you know of anyone that has a property that is using that program, call 411 and get their contact info and call them to find more.

I hope those help. If you do find them, if you could share that would be awesome!

If there is anything else I can do, please let me know. Thanks again for asking; just the question raised my awareness of such programs.