How to remove trespassers during coronavirus?

Our courts are closed for 3 mths till june and we had a court date a mth ago when we starting closing court cases due to being quarenteened. Any Landlords or owners know any creative ways to get trespassers to leave before July?? I bought house and was gonna just evict but know I can’t and sheriffs said take them to court? :help

Without knowing more details, you might consider offering ‘cash for keys,’ as a way to gain possession.

Consider how much money you’re gonna lose by not being able to evict for three months, and then compare that to how much you might save by bribing the occupant to move, and then offer the occupant slightly less than it would cost by waiting for the courts to open back up.

At this point, apart from hassling the occupant, and making his life a living hell, he’s got little incentive to do anything, but squat there until he is forced to move. If he’s paying rent, then your losses are somewhat less I would think.

If you’re gonna lose three months rent anyway, why not offer your squatter two month’s worth of rent to move …if he can be out by the 15th? I would move, if you made me this offer, and I own my house!!!

Cash-for-Keys is always better than risking an eviction and all the things that can go wrong going that direction.

Hope that helps a little. Good luck!

Also, landlords may want to consider the following security measures to mitigate the risks of squatters entering their property:

use of temporary shutters and additional locks;
using property guardians; and/or
installing or fitting deterrents such as CCTV and alarms.

evictions and squatters are super tricky right now. Philly is known to deal with squatters a lot. The city just pushed back the eviction date to August 31st - meaning landlords cannot file evictions until August 31st. Pretty wild but I understand both sides.

I recommend the cash for keys advice too. Maybe talk to other investors or property managers in your market that have done cash for keys successfully and see how they approached it. Good luck !

I had to remove 4 want to be owners of a 7-plex in Ogden Utah about 6 years ago.

I basically knocked on the door and said, I’m not the police and I am representing the seller and need you to leave within 10 minuets or I am going to call the police.

If any of you have had to deal with this in a bad neighborhood and run down property it is a little scary but very effective. Since 95% of those want to be to be owners have several warrants and the last thing they want to deal with is the police.

I was successful but One man that would not budge!

so I did call Ogden Police and they did go to the door and he did surrender himself to leave.

May not be the proper way according to all the rights ( laws), but it did work.