How to recruit bird dogs

I want to put up flyers in the area looking for bird dogs. Do anyone have an example they can send me. Any other ideas to find them?


Use a search engine, and put in:
“real estate” +“bird dog” +“referral fee”

You will find websites that allow bird dogs to advertise. Find one in your city or state.


Forget flyers… waste of money.stop killing the trees. save the paper to wipe our xxx, 17 year in sales AND MARKETING.Do not go looking for birddog. Have them come to you!Think like a bird dog. Where will will they go? Who will be their friends? Networking with real estate profesional. Advertise in the papers that they read. Target your market. Reward! Master look for his bird dog. Have a bone for him at the bank! Please come home. Get the idea? Hope this help.

place ads is just like giving a candy to your kids. One piece at a time.
3 lines max. Small ad with readable letter.

for example; REWARD!!! etc…