How to raise cash 911

How can I raise 65k cash by Monday in order to actively bid on a property that will get auctioned on Tuesday? Just got the heads up on this decent deal. HMLs do not lend for auction bidding.

Take $32.5K to Vegas and put it on RED…no wait…BLACK


Hmmm! I could as well fly out to Moscow to play Russian Roullette with a prisoner on death row scheduled to die tonight.

Take out a home equity line from your primary home. If not then borrow from a family member.

Sorry…cheap shot at your expense.

It is kinda hard to raise $65K in less than one business day. I would just go to the bank before 6:00 PM today (my bank is open late Fridays) and take it out of checking but I’m guessing that you already checked on that and it’s a “non-starter”…


This could be the start of a really dangerous thread! :o

Look for a lonesome Brink’s truck.

Hire 1000 individuals on the cheap (homeless would work). Rent santa suits on a credit card, have them ring the Salvation Army bell outside the mall all weekend and give them all proceeds after $100 (cover the cost of the rental out of the surpless from $65 of course).


Not to worry, I’ve done it. Take your mortgage broker to the auction with you. I know a couple of brokers with who will sometimes use their own money also. Plus they all know the auctioneers. Is it a cash only auction, or do you have a couple days to deliver a check? If it is a commercial property, you may have another angle. What state are you in? That may not make a difference though. Did you post this on the fiancing page? I’ve been here a couple of days and already found some qualified leads.
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If it is that great of a deal call HMLS (hard money lenders) I know some will lend on auction biding! on monday if they like it they will help (or steal it from you) on the other hand if they do steal it DO NOT CALL THEM AGAIN!!! There is a list of them on this site!!

How did it go Oski?

Still got 17 hours to go … Will keep you posted.