How to put together?

What are some ways to put together a buyers list?

And how if you out of state wholesaling.

Easy, some ways are more free than putting up an ad.

I looked through all the yellow page renovators / construction types that are involved heavily in residential homes. Call each of them up and ask if your house meets their criteria, how fast they could close a deal, how many homes are they involved in each year, etc etc. Some of them only renovate houses but many of them will jump on a bargain if the price is right.

Post a free add in in whatever town you want to advertise to.

Worse case scenario put an add in the paper:

Handyman Special
Cheap, cash, deep discount
Joe xxx-xxx-xxxx

Check out my post “How to build a buyers list” feel free to ask me any questions that you might have after reading it. It should lay down a decent foundation for finding buyers.,22874.0.html

Eric Medemar