How to purchase multifamily owned by an estate?

How do I purchase a multifamily property that is owned by the sellers estate but now they passed away? How does it work?

Would it be any different than purchasing a house owned by an estate? We just bought an estate owned house last week. A lawyer had to get a judge to sign off on it, but after that the sale could proceed. All the heirs agreed on the price and we did the deal.

You negotiate a purchase with the administrator/executor of the estate. Who is the executor/tress?

Well the listing broker they were trying to sell it with its still trying to sell it. What type of questions should I ask him?

From whom they are registered with of course. Either the bank where the previous owner who died had acquired it and kept it, or from the one whom the previous owner who died had purchased the property since he all has possible documents pertaining to the property, or the lawyer of the previous owner who died.