how to protect asset from a judgement

Hi every one, I’m new to forum and been reading all your posts… this is a great place!

I have a concern, I have a home in CA with equity maybe 50K - 80K. There is a judgement coming against me very soon of approx 30K. I know i’m protected of 75K under the homestead in CA. if I file BK

I guess my question is can they go after me if I dont’ have money? and how? can they put a lien on my house?
if so how do I protect my home?

any help is appreciated.


Any planning you do to frustrate the creditor is fraudulent and can be undone. This situation even applies to future unknown creditors for future, unknown acts by you. You are under threat of a pending judgment and any planning you do now will be suspect. The only true protection in these cases is to convert all your existing assets into exempt assets (e. g. annuities) or flee the jurisdiction with them.

In BK, the creditor can’t touch your exempt assets, but everything else will be used to pay the judgment and you have a BK on your credit report.