How to properly set this LLC UP??

I have low income rental units, that I consider high risk assets. I want to get them into a mulit member LLC with a well drafted operating agreement I already have.

My two questions are

How do I get the LLC’s expenses to flow over to my personal side if it’s a multi-member? I am employed and that is my 1st source of income and I would like to keep the deductions coming over from business to personal.

Second, who should I add as the other member? I own and manage these units myself. Maybe my wife or my DAD?? Will the same last name degrade the level of protection??

Set it up to be taxed as a partnership.

You can use family. I think that’s a bad move because they have liability from things unrelated to the business that can affect the business. I only use entities to own LLCs.

That pretty much makes the LLC a waste.


How would you suggest I set it up then?

You’ll need to sit with a qualified planner to draft a plan that makes sense for your unique situation. This isn’t a DIY subject and the details required to give a thorough answer aren’t something you want to post in public forum.