How to project Cash Flow

Ok, I’m a noobie and now for the Noob question of the week;

How do I project cash flow? What is the actually mathmatical equation?

I have read some books and look on the internet, but I want to here what people here have to say.


if you are talking about rentals, I would encourage you to do some reading over in the Rentals threads. This topic is discussed, argured and thrashed about on a nearly a daily basis from real-world experiences :wink:

Ok - I looked all over this front page of the forum section but can’t seem to find the rental section, can you point me in the right direction.



Here’s how to find the projected cash flow:

Take 1/2 of the gross rents and subtract your mortgage payment (principal and interest).

It’s just that simple.


Great thanks - so I’m assuming the other half goes towards Operational Expenses…?

Yes, the other half is operating expenses.