How to proceed with this deal?

Hi, everyone, I have a question and maybe someone here can help? I have made an offer to a homeowner that was accepted. This property was owned by a brother and a sister so both are on the deed. The sister has pasted away and the brother now wants to sell the home. When I put the house under contract. The brother of coarse will sign. Will I need to be prepared for any title issues when it comes time for my end buyer to close on this house, or will I need to do some research to see if the sister has any heirs that need to sign my contract as well… What do I do to ensure that my contract will be valid? Anyone ever experience this?

You will probably have to deal with the probate court and/or whoever is handling the estate.

Read something like this in other forum. Brother and sister on Deed.
If Deed reads full right to survivor then no probate. If it reads Tenants in Common then it goes to probate. There may be other issues with the her Will. Herbster

something like this happended when my mother died. she and I were on the deed. When she died, she willed her half to my sister, who became my new partner. You need to find out who the sister willed the property to. It will probably end up in probate before you can finish the deal.