How to make this deal go through

Here’s the scoop:

There’s an acre with a house, owner has an opportunity to purchase the five acres adjacent to him, the problem is the house on the acre will not appraise for enough cash out to purchase the property. It will appraise for the necessary money when the 5 acres is included in the appraisal. Therefore the house plus 5 acres will appraise for the amount needed to cash out to buy the five acres. Yes, the appraisal includes 5 acres that is not owned yet, but will be with that cash out money. Other than owner financing, does anyone know of a way to do this?

Sounds like you need a good loan officer. Should be able to do two ways. Should be able to do a refinance and purchase loan together and pay off the first mortgage on the house and include the new 5 acres. If that will not work and it should, could borrow on land purchase and cash out equity on the house. Should be able to borrow 50% on the 5 acres and perhaps the balance on the house. A total new refinace may give a lower rate overall may less complicated and cheaper.