how to make things work

Hey everyone, I have a question regarding wholesailing. Please bare with me I am trying to learn the ropes and make my first deal. I have recently found a FSBO and called today. The house is really trashed because it has been used as a fraternity house. The house is on 1/2 acre of land, but the owner is selling the property with 2 other pieces of land. There is an adjacent 1/2 acre of land and another 1 acre of land that could all be bought and sold. I am not sure where to go, I strongly believe the house by itself could be bought at a great deal, but how about the other pieces of land, I want to wholesale the property, would the best idea be to call local buyers and see what they are looking for?



Get a low price, write a contract, find a rehabber or something and sign a contract that he will buy it, then do a simultaneous close with the title company or closing agent.